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Article • March 2, 2010

Stay Classy

A Virtual Teaching Tool That Really Works

Remember when your life was devoted to the pursuit of intellectual betterment?  Ya, college wasn’t like that for us either.

But thanks to a new easy-learning service called you can learn just about anything–languages, the game of chess–without the burden of going back to school.

The site uses word games, flash cards and other brain training tools to help you learn–and, more importantly, to retain all the new information.

To start you sign up and choose a goal (you can search their list of thousands or create your own).

The site gives you a choice of learning methods and then constructs a schedule that tells you when and what to study.

Based on its advanced algorithms it determines how you’re performing and where you need improvement, and it alters the study schedule accordingly.

If you’d prefer to work with other students try the community section. You can even post a study journal and try custom goals created by other users.

Too busy to do it at home?  Download the iPhone app and you can spend a subway ride brushing up on your Latin declensions.

Pop quizzes were never so much fun.