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Article • March 8, 2010

Find the Perfect Camera and Best Photography Advice Online

Buy a digital camera without losing your mind with DP Review

Buying a digital camera can be intimidating. There are a frustrating number of choices, and each model is supported by a sea of unfiltered information.

To help navigate we suggest you try DP Review, a vast and thorough repository that cuts through the clutter.

To start you search for a specific camera or brand you want more information about. (They also cover lenses, which can be more confusing than cameras). From there, DP Review will retrieve content from ten years’ worth of archived reviews.

Once you’ve selected a camera to review, the site thoroughly breaks down the pros and cons in a number of important categories. Evaluating everything from design to software to comparison tests with other competitive models, the reviews are amazingly detailed.

They’re also organized into digestible parts, which is what makes comparison and selection so easy.

Those without a specific camera in mind can use the buyer’s guide, which allows you to search via a variety of categories (pixels, digital zoom, etc.). Based on your criteria the database provides several recommended options to choose from.

They also offers a comprehensive glossary, a thorough camera database and a timeline of new digital camera product announcements going back to 1995 (which is when the first digital cameras were made available to consumers).

The only thing the site won’t do is make the ultimate decision for you.