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Article • May 7, 2010

Card Sharp

Never Forget To Send A Birthday Or Special Occasion Card Again

Remembering to send birthday cards can be tricky, what with all the other stuff your brain is juggling.  But forgetting about them has repercussions.

Now, thanks to Jack Cards, you can stay in good standing with your friends and relatives.

With the help of your input, the site automatically remembers important dates in your life and sends out personalized cards.

You can set it to send cards to you, so you can hand them out in person, or just let it mail them directly to your loved ones (they write the notes out and address the cards by hand, for that personal feel).

Create an account—it’s free—and fill in important dates on your planner. Tell the website who you need a card for on a given day, and add the addresses of the person you want them to send to (you can omit their address if you want to give them a card personally).

Once you’ve done the administrative work, you can shop for cards from hundreds of designers. Add them to your cart, buy them, and assign the cards to the people listed in your planner (cards start at $2.45, though that figure includes U.S. postage).

Depending on your preferences, the site will either ship you the cards when you buy or send them to you (or your recipients) 2 to 4 weeks before the date on your planner.

If you’re not too careful, people will begin to think you’re actually thoughtful.