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Article • September 16, 2010

Give Away

Get Free Things From People Near You (And Give Away Stuff You Don’t Need)

Throwing household items away means they’ll end up in a landfill somewhere, which, as Al Gore would tell you, is bad.

To help do the right thing with your stuff try Yoink, a site that allows you to donate (and accept) free items from people in your area.

Start by clicking the interactive map to see what items are being given away in your locale. Everything from kitchenware to writing desks is up for grabs.

If you find something that you need, click “Yoink” and set up a free account.  From there, Yoink will act as an intermediary and relay messages between you and the person donating the object so that you can arrange for a pickup.

If you have items that you’d like to give away, just fill in a description that’s 140 characters or less (you can also attach photos) along with your location. Yoink will contact you whenever someone voices interest in your item.

There’s also a free iPhone app that allows you to search for free things in your area, get directions to people who are giving you things and interact with community members.

Finally, some truth that’s also convenient.