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Article • December 16, 2010

Big Gulp

Send $1 Drink Vouchers To Your Friends Via Facebook
There’s nothing like happy hour pricing to help friends get together.

Applying this theory to the world of social media is Bartab, a new app that allows you to send and claim real $1 drinks via Facebook.

When you log in via your Facebook account you’ll pick a friend to give the drink to and then be shown a list of local partner bars.  The system will leave a posting on their wall and will also send them a text message.

The sender pays $1 and the receiver pays $1 for every drink, every time. You can add funds through the My Account page (Bartab accepts Mastercard and Visa)

If you have an iPhone there is an app (Android and Blackberry version are coming soon).

Select the drink you’d like to claim from ‘My Drinks’. Click the ‘Claim This Drink’ button and show the activated coupon with countdown timer to the bartender.

If the recipient doesn’t have the app the text message they receive will function as the voucher.

Drinks are available for 90 days after being sent, so there’s no rush to get boozing. Of course, there are some limits: You can only claim one drink per hour and one per bar per day.

The service is currently available in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, but look for a national launch soon.

Bottoms up!