Back To School - Netted
Article • January 5, 2011

Back To School

Free Access to Classes From Top Universities

Some New Year’s resolutions are less “maximize lung capacity to run an ironman” and more “watch an Ironman marathon for maximum Robert Downey Jr.,” and there’s nothing wrong with that. Somewhere in between, there’s learning as self-improvement, a noble resolution worth pursuing.

Lifelong students will love Einztein, a “social learning network” that allows users to go back to college (virtually) with free courses and coursework offered by hundreds of universities and institutions, from Stanford and MIT to the British Museum.

There’s no need to sign up or register to start absorbing knowledge. All of Einztein’s materials are free and easily searchable by subject, institution and available media type – there are audio, video and documents available.

Plus, they’ll soon be launching a program called Brainwave to enable open, real time communication between students and educators across the web.

It’s all the beauty of going back to college without having to worry about dorm-wide mono pandemics, the empty-bank-account lifestyle, or evil deans trying to derail your future.