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Article • January 24, 2011

Deal With It

An Online Community Dedicated to Highlighting Worthy Bargains

It may be hard to believe, but there was once a time when daily deal sites didn’t rule the world. Entire social calendars now can (and often do) revolve around local deal offerings.

That’s why we like Sign Post, which takes a social networking approach to online deal hunting, allowing you and other community members to post, rate and recommend bargains.

Deals are broken down into easy-to-digest categories (shopping, food and dining, etc.) and the site is set up with easy to scroll through photos (a major graphical improvement over most daily deal sites).

Right now, NYC, Boston, Chicago and San Francisco are covered, with more cities on the way.

Sign Post’s real strength is the comment section below each deal, where other users leave feedback about their experience with the venue or this particular deal. It also doesn’t hurt that the site is aesthetically pleasing.

It’s like the Internet giving a group hug to your wallet.