Clean Up Your Email Inbox in Minutes - Netted
Article • July 26, 2011

Clean Up Your Email Inbox in Minutes

Reduce your inbox clutter with SaneBox

We’ve found that keeping our email inbox neat and orderly is a daunting task. We’ve also found that jamming our fingers in our ears and screaming, “Please stop emailing me!” is not an effective way to cope with the burden.

That’s when we knew it was time to sign up for SaneBox. They’ll automatically set up a series of labels in your email account and instantly sort your messages as you receive them.

The basic labels include @SaneBox (the emails you should read right now) and @SaneLater (the emails you should save for later). The SaneBox algorithms will sort every email automatically and can easily be trained to respond differently by just changing the email’s label.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, they offer much more detailed sorting options. Enabling their other labels will do everything from sift out bulk emails and newsletters to preventing emails from specific addresses from ever showing up in your inbox again.

It’s a Gmail priority inbox, but on steroids, and for every inbox. In an improvement on normal labeling, SaneBox’s complex algorithm learns from its mistakes to become more effective with use. It can even sync with your social media accounts to give higher priority to the people you talk with most.

The service costs $4.95 per month after the month-long test trial, but Netted readers can get an extra three free months by signing up here.

However useful you find SaneBox, we do advise that you reply to those “flamethrower recall” emails quickly. We’re guessing they’re pretty urgent.