Facebook Fake Out - Netted
Article • August 11, 2011

Facebook Fake Out

Disguise Your Facebook Newsfeed as a Spreadsheet

Usually we’re all about productivity. But today’s a special day: We’ve got a tip to help you waste time while at work.

Now there’s the aptly named Hardlywork.in, a site that displays your Facebook newsfeed as a spreadsheet for the ultimate in clandestine slacking. After all, who can question tiny rows of numbers in what is obviously an Excel document, complete with the professional-sounding title “Daily Cash Flow?”

Just authorize hardlywork.in to access your Facebook account. It will a generate a fake Microsoft Excel document that lives in your browser, with each row corresponding to newsfeed post, and columns for notes, comments, and more.

All you have to do is pretend you’re looking at an important document and no one will suspect a thing. You can even hit spacebar to quickly return to your real work: the site describes it as a “bosskey.”

We describe it as genius.