Up Your (Fake) Facebook Wall Game - Netted
Article • September 16, 2011

Up Your (Fake) Facebook Wall Game

Create hilarious fake Facebook conversations with The Wall Machine

Your Facebook profile is like the modern red badge of courage: It stays with you forever and speaks volumes about your ability to survive in an adult’s world.

To escape all that extremely serious and personal information, your best bet is The Wall Machine. With a couple of clicks you can invent a hilarious new Facebook wall history that looks totally realistic but is actually completely fake.

Whether you think the history of the printing press or your version of how your parents met desperately needs a colloquial retelling, you can adjust every little detail. All you’ll need are profile pictures for the people you want to parody and some spare time.

Add wall posts, events, relationships and more and then backdate as appropriate. Everything can be customized just by clicking on the information that you think needs to change.

Sometimes it even feels more fun making jokes here than on the real Facebook. You get to control the both sides of the conversation, but you can also share it on real Facebook to keep the conversation going.

It’s the bandage the world has been looking for since Facebook invented the wall update: It finally takes all of the pain out of a great Facebook war.