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Article • November 28, 2011

Toy Story

Start Your Holiday Shopping with a Donation

Now that you’re done overeating to the point of exhaustion, you can finally start spending exorbitant amounts of money on totally unnecessary gifts.

Wait, why are the holidays so great again?

Probably because of things like the Give-a-Toy Store, a joint collaboration between eBay and Toys for Tots that makes being selfless almost selfishly fun.

Featuring two brick-and-mortar outposts (one in New York, one in San Francisco), the interactive shop lets passers-by purchase gifts ranging from $2-$25 simply by scanning items in the window using eBay’s mobile app.

Each of the five price tiers corresponds to a type of gift – $25 buys a pre-teen an MP3 player while $5 supplies a piece of sports gear to an underprivileged kid.

If you don’t happen to reside in NYC or San Fran, you can easily click to donate a gift at eBay’s virtual window shop.

And rest assured: 100% of your purchase goes to charity, meaning there won’t be any leftovers here.