Make a Wish List - Netted
Article • December 6, 2011

Make a Wish List

Get Everyone Exactly What They Want

Three Surefire Ways to Buy Loved Ones Exactly What They Want

1. Hypnotize them into sharing your taste in socks.

2. In the card, write “Like it… or else.”

3. Have them make you a list.

Always a fan of the path of least resistance, we found two handy services that do number 3 in inventive, tasteful ways.

Kids will love Santa’s Hideout, a site that lets you play St. Nick without blowing your cover. Create an account and attach a budget. Your tykes receive an email from Santa asking them to browse a gallery of gifts (all culled from Amazon and within your budget) and add their favorites to a wish list.

You can edit their picks if necessary then distribute the virtual registry to friends and relatives. A checklist function ensures your little ones get only one of everything they want.

For grown-ups, take more initiative while still reducing risk with Wantful. It suggests an array of thoughtful gifts based on information you provide about the recipient – everything from age and relationship status to how often they cook and their level of neatness.

Designate a price range and the site generates a list of sixteen gift options. Send the personalized catalogue as a virtual or physical booklet; the recipient makes their pick without ever knowing the price.

No hypnosis required.