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Article • January 24, 2013

Discover and Share News Important to You

Lumi suggests websites based on your browsing

Remember life before search? To visit a website, you had to know the exact URL, which meant more backslashes than Nightmare on Elm Street.

But then search engines came along and let you find stuff just by asking politely. Now search is so commonplace, it’s hard to envision what’s next.

Lumi is next.

Lumi is a browser extension created by the music recommendation geniuses who founded It anonymously and securely records your search history to build a customized page of what you might like, what you haven’t seen, and what’s worth checking out. Right now Lumi invite-only, but the first 200 Netted subscribers to sign up now will get instant access.

It’s moving search beyond politeness – just browse like you normally would, and not only can Lumi tell you what you’ll dig, it gets sharper the more you use it.

Not Freddy Krueger sharp, but definitely sharp.