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Article • July 15, 2013

Share All the Weird Things You Hear

Listen to your past with Heard

TV can predict the future. Don’t buy it? Take a second to relive one of the all-time great Chappelle’s Show skits (NSFW).

No, we’re not covering The Home Stenographer, because that was 10 years ago.

This is now: Meet Heard, a brand new app for the iPhone (and soon Android) that can play back everything you’ve heard in the last five minutes.

When you activate the app, it begins recording everything around you on a 12-second buffer (extend it to five minutes for $1.99). Any time you want, click the “Push to save” button to save the current clip. Do nothing, and the self-destructing buffer lets the audio slip into the ether.

Why would anyone not in the NSA want an app like this? With Heard, you can capture anything from your baby’s first words to a key point in a lecture without hovering your thumb over the record button all day.

And while it may aide in lovers’ spats, we recommend using extreme caution.