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Article • October 15, 2014

Plot the Treasure Map of Your Life

Findery is an iOS, Android, and Windows map annotation app

There are some places you’ll never forget: Where you graduated. Where you picked up your puppy. Where you got hitched.

With Findery for iOS and Android, all those spots add up to the story of you. This app lets you annotate a map with memories from places you’ve been to, notes about locations you plan to visit, and more.

Findery plots your notes on a map, and all of your maps are displayed on your personal page. It’s up to you whether to keep each note private, share with certain friends, or post publicly.

All of those public notes add up to something special: a whole map of personal stories, tips for travelers, little known factoids, and more. Check out other people’s notes to plan a trip, find cool things to do while on vacation, or just to learn the secret stories of your neighborhood.

Think of it like a treasure map for your life.