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Article • June 20, 2018

This App is Your Gateway to Fluency

Busuu helps you master up to 12 languages with a global community

They say it takes 48 days—10 hours a day—to learn a language. Yet here you are, four years of Spanish courses later, still confusing hambrefor hombre.

Avoid strange looks when you mention those “bad hungers” with Busuu, an app for learning up to 12 languages using interactive lessons.

First, select which language you want to speak (from Portuguese to Arabic and beyond). Then take a 15-minute placement exam and start learning at your level. Your Busuu exercises are corrected by real, native speakers as you go along (unlike with Duolingo, for example, where chatbots review your work).

Busuu is free, but upgrading to Premium for $5.84/month unlocks features like offline mode, advanced grammar units, the ability to learn multiple languages, and more.

Those hambres won’t know what hit ‘em.