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Guide • January 13, 2015

Best Apps for Android Users

9 apps to maximize the potential of your Android device
  • Solo

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    The way your phone looks on the outside is important, but the inside is just as important – if not more so. With a simple tap this app will eliminate the clutter slowing your device down by emptying your trash, saving RAM, and more.

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  • Wear Mini

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    Smart watches are still pretty new, but with this launcher you won’t feel like a novice. Not only can you customize the look and feel of the device with this app, you can also simplify the gestures you use to open apps and change settings.

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  • Buzz Launcher

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    If this launcher feels like it has more backgrounds and themes than any other, that’s because users from all over the world have contributed over half a million templates. From ambient versions to easy gestures to iOS-aping layouts, this app allows for infinite customization.

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  • Themer

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    OK, let’s say infinite customization is too overwhelming for you. No problem: This launcher hands users a library of hundreds of meticulously-tweaked themes, along with time-saving gestures, widgets, and special icons, that can all be implemented in a tap.

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  • Light Flow

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    Android users: Follow the light! That is… download Light Flow. This app turns the LED on your device into a sort of secret message notification tool. Set colors to specific alerts like missed calls, texts, low battery, and more so you can see what your phone is trying to tell you at a glance.

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  • HD Widgets

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    So far we’ve been thinking big-picture. Now let’s get minute and talk widgets. Add individual widgets – from weather to clocks to notifications – and customize their colors, fonts, and icons to get the precise combination you want.

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  • Nova

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    This one is the happy medium of launchers: It’s highly customizable, but not overly complicated to use. It’s full of cool effects (3D!) but doesn’t slow your phone down. It’s also stocked with cool animations, but it never looks corny.

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  • Necta

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    Your Android device can be a little complex. But Necta makes it super easy to use for the elderly, kids, or individuals with vision loss. This app simplifies Android’s massive functionality into large, easy-to-use icons for calling, taking pictures, using the flashlight, and more.

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  • Smart Launcher 3

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    If you’re like us, your phone is so packed with apps it’s hard to get the ones you want when you need them. This sleek launcher gives you access to your most common apps with a simple double-tap and organizes them into important categories for quick access.

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