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Guide • April 18, 2016

11 Apps, Products, and Websites for Earth Day

Go and stay green this Earth Day with these 11 apps, products, and websites
  • MaxBack

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    Got a fancy new phone? Don’t toss your old one in the trash: Make some money off it by recycling it with MaxBack. Choose your device and rate its condition. They give you a price and a shipping label to mail it. You get paid via check or PayPal, and the Earth stays a little cleaner.

  • My Garden Answers

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    You hear that? That’s the sound of your azaleas crying out to be watered. Earth Day is a great time to get serious about your garden, so put My Garden Answers in your pocket to identify plants by snapping a photo and get information on how to care for them. Go ahead, get some dirt under those fingernails.

  • RecycleNation

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    Recycling sounds nice, but when the trash can is right there Stop. Grab your laptop. Go to RecycleNation. Type in what you need to recycle and your zip code, and it’ll show you exactly where you can toss your junk (or have it picked up for you). Now that’s a nice shot.

  • Chimani

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    Teddy Roosevelt didn’t develop the National Parks for you to sit on the couch and play 2048. Appreciate all the amazing things the natural world has to offer with Chimani. This family of apps works without WiFi or data and will help you plan, navigate, and discover the best parts of America’s National Parks.

  • Edyn

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    Know what your garden is up to with the Edyn Garden Sensor. This adorable connected sensor sticks right into your garden’s soil, continuously monitoring conditions, giving you real-time advice based on your specific plants, and lets you know when and how much to water.

  • Automatic

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    Not yet driving a Tesla? Not to worry. There are ways of making your car “smart” and more energy efficient without putting your name on a long wait list. Pick up Automatic, a connected adapter that plugs into your car’s on-board computer. It will track and send you updates on efficient driving, fuel saving measures, and much more.

    Check out this Netted Does for 4 additional apps and products for keeping your car in shape.

  • Earth-Now

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    Our planet looks pretty big from your front doorstep, but it’s really just a tiny rock in the vastness of space. Leave it to NASA to give us all some perspective via the Earth-Now app (iOS + Android), which allows you to access a whole range of data, like images and temperature readouts, from NASA satellites. You’ve never seen the Earth like this before.

  • #climate

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    From smog to your brother’s habit of taking 45-minute showers, there are many threats to the environment. Help create positive changes by spreading the word about environmental campaigns you care about with #climate. Choose what issues interest you, and it’ll find matching campaigns that you can share on Facebook and Twitter. Because helping nature is something everyone can agree on.

  • Farmstand

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    Where can I get some decent rutabaga around here? Download Farmstand to quickly find nearby farmers’ markets and see what’s going on. Support organic and small scale farming, see where you can drop off compost, and find reviews and photos from different stands. Rainbow carrots and honeycrisp apples make everything better.

  • GoodGuide

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    The packaging looks great but what went into making this product? Discover reviews on over 250,000 personal care, food, and household products on GoodGuide. See a score for health, environment, and social impact based on scientific ratings with a link for where to buy.

  • Spruce & Co

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    You know what’s gross? Fish oil, obviously. But also your phone’s screen. Clean off the smudges with Sprucies from Spruce & Co. These eco-friendly screen wipes are vegan, plant-based, and safe for you (the sanitizing agent is derived from coconut).

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  • Don't Leave Your Mark

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    In today’s world, polluting is almost unavoidable. Learn how to offset your carbon footprint with this hotel booking site.