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Guide • March 21, 2016

9 Apps and Products for Everyday Upgrades

Upgrade your everyday items with these 9 products and apps
  • quip

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    Brushing your teeth: perhaps something you don’t spend much time thinking about. Oral care company quip wants to keep it that way. Upgrade with a beautifully designed (and affordable) electric brush and sign up for a subscription for fresh heads and toothpaste delivered every three months. Netted readers get $10 off refills for head+paste or $5 off heads when they sign up for a plan.

  • Ray

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    The way you watch TV has changed. So too should your remote. Ray is a touch screen all-in-one remote that unifies your experience by letting you switch between devices with a tap. Control everything from your Apple TV to your cable box, and well beyond. It even learns your tastes and recommends shows.

  • Withings Aura Connected Alarm Clock

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    You lie in bed at night and wake up in the morning. But what’s the actual quality of that sleep? Upgrade your alarm clock with Aura, a connected clock, lamp, and sleep system from Withings. Aura puts you to bed with soothing light to promote sleep hormones and gently wakes you up at an optimized time with simulated sunrise and sound. Connect your Spotify for a custom experience and check the app to review your night’s rest and understand trends.

  • Dark Sky

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    Sure, any mobile device can tell you the weather. But with Dark Sky, for iOS and Android, you can know exactly when the first drop of rain will hit your head. Enable notifications and Dark Sky will shoot you a message when you should duck inside to avoid an approaching weather system. It’s so accurate that the app can even give you minute-to-minute weather predictions up to an hour in advance.

  • Roost Smart Battery

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    That chirping noise you hear is not the ghost of your dead canary (RIP Waffles). This time, your smoke alarm is slowly dying. Replace that old 9-volt battery with a Roost smart battery to monitor the alarm’s battery life, get notified if it goes off while you’re away, and silence false alarms right from your phone.

  • Hexoskin

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    Oh, you thought the Fitbit was cool? Allow us to blow your mind with the Hexoskin: This smart athletic apparel comes with embedded sensors to deliver you in-depth data on your heart rate, breathing, calories burned, and more. Feeling lazy? Wear it to bed to get a wealth of data on your sleep.

  • DO Button

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    In terms of upgrades, getting the DO Button is like trading a moped for a Ferrari. It connects to smart devices (like Nest thermostats or Wemo switches) and apps (like Gmail and Slack) to let you do things like brew a cup of coffee or send an email with a push of a button on your phone. Feel the power.

  • Pantelligent

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    A frying pan is just a hunk of metal, but the Pantelligent is so much more: It’s a smart pan that monitors cooking temperatures to prepare food just right. Pick a recipe in the app, follow the instructions, and it’ll make sure your meal turns out delicious. Pantelligent is out of stock until early April (popular, much?). But order now to save $25 with code BACKORDERED. Or, when it’s back in stock, use code NETTED2016 for $25 off until May 1 (Code expired!).

  • Oristand

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    Apparently standing instead of sitting at work is a thing? But with standing desks priced like beluga caviar who can even afford to stand? Meet Oristand, the $25, cardboard pop-up standing desk that’s easy on your wallet (and back). Netted readers get $5 off through March 31, 2016, with code netted. (Code expired!)

  • Spring Cleaning Guide

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    OK, one last tip: Sometimes the best way to upgrade something is to just, you know, clean it. For help with cleaning, decluttering, sprucing up, check out our Spring Cleaning Guide.