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Guide • May 31, 2016

11 Apps and Products for Summer Learning

Learn a new hobby or skill this summer with these 11 tools
  • Kano

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    School’s out: Chaos reigns and your kids’ brain drain sets in until September. Or not—grab a Kano computer kit to spark your children’s creativity and keep them thinking. Each kit contains a Raspberry Pi 3 computer, and once it’s set up your child can create apps and start learning the ins and outs of coding.

  • Golden Hour

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    What do they say about photography? Oh yeah, it’s all about timing. If you want to be a better photographer, start with when you shoot: Golden Hour for Android (iOS users, try Magic Hour) will help you find the times around sunset and sunrise when the light is just right for snapping photos. Because summer is a great time to absolutely own Instagram.

  • Serial Reader

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    Your friends keep using the term bildungsroman and seem to be really tight with some dude named Joyce. Yeah, maybe it’s time you caught up on all those books you skipped in high school. Serial Reader makes it easy: It condenses classic works of literature into small chunks and delivers them to you once a day, so you can get through those books undaunted.

  • Hack Design

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    You follow 200 amazing, design-y Instagrammers and you’re eager to get into the design game yourself. Sign up with Hack Design and get 50 weeks of free design lessons (curated by a crew of noted design pros) delivered right to your inbox.

  • Brightnest

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    Admit it, your workday is 20% working and 80% drooling over Apartment Therapy posts. Brightnest will help you actually do some home improvement instead of just thinking about it. Download the app to browse DIY project instructions, home care tips, and articles on ways to improve your pad. Maybe one day people will drool over your bedroom. Or not. That sounds gross.

  • Enki

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    OK, so you code a little. OK, so you code a lot. Then you’ll definitely be interested in joining an exclusive community of developers on Enki—get bite-sized daily coding lessons that’ll help you expand your skill set and learn something new in Java, CSS, and more. The first 1,000 readers to download the app and enter the code NETTED_ENKI get instant access (Code expired!).

  • Know Fast

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    A picture may be worth a thousand words but a video is probably worth more. Download iOS app Know Fast and receive a new video every day in topic areas that interest you, like cooking, finance, and life hacks.

  • flowkey

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    You can play Chopsticks like a pro but when it comes to playing with more than one finger, the piano is… tough. Sign up with instructional app flowkey to interactively learn piano and get instant feedback.

  • Free Code Camp

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    Ready to spend your summer behind a screen? So are we! Sign up with Free Code Camp, an open source community where users can learn to code and apply new programming skills on real, pro-bono projects for nonprofits.

  • Chesscademy

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    Some of us are working on our beach bods, others are just trying to protect our queens. Sign up with Chesscademy to solve interactive exercises, puzzles, and track your progress as you go from Joe Schmo to Bobby Fischer.

  • Delectable

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    You sommelier friend is smelling eucalyptus, sage, gooseberry. And you’re smelling… um, white wine. Start figuring out what wines you like and why with Delectable. Scan any bottle label to learn more, get expert recommendations, and even purchase in app. You’ll be a full-blown wine snob by fall.

  • Creators Guide

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    And if you finish with all of that before you even get to July, spend the rest of the summer tapping into your inner creator with these 11 apps and services.