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Guide • September 28, 2015

Get Back to Reality with 11 Sites, Apps, and Services

These apps and services will help you get back into your routine and be more productive
  • Fresh Air

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    The day starts with putting your pants on, one leg at a time. This app will tell you what else you need to wear. It delivers hyper-local forecasts and will sync with your calendar so you’ll know what the sky will be doing during your next event.

  • HelloFresh

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    You fell out of your cooking routine this summer. That’s OK! Get back in the kitchen with HelloFresh. You pick from exciting recipes each week, and they ship them to you with the pre-measured ingredients, so you can whip up easy, delicious, and healthy meals. Save 40% on your first order here.

  • Sittercity

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    Now that you’re back at work, you probably need someone to keep an eye on the kids. Don’t wait around for Mary Poppins. Instead, sign up for Sittercity, a monthly subscription service that will connect you with potential nannies and babysitters in your area.

  • FileThis

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    There’s no better way to get organized than with FileThis, a service that automatically gathers all of your documents and stores them digitally as searchable PDFs, all in one secure place. Be one of the first 20 people to use code NETTEDFREE and get a year of the Ultimate plan (value $50) free.

  • Stitcher

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    As if going back to school and work wasn’t already bad enough, now you have to battle traffic or suffocate on crowded trains and buses. Stitcher wants to ease your pain through podcasts. Get the latest episodes, create your own playlists, and check out Stitcher’s personalized recommendations to make the ride a little more enjoyable.

  • Todoist

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    Now that you’re back to the grind, you’ve got a lot of things to get done. Try Todoist, a to-do list and task manager that syncs across all your devices and lets you share lists and projects with others, so you can collaborate at the office or share chores with the family.

  • Snapsolve

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    School is in session, and after a long day at class, you come home with a mountain of homework. Seems daunting, right? Not with Snapsolve. Just take a photo of a problem or question that’s giving you trouble, and you’ll be connected with a student tutor who will show you how to find the answer.

  • RefMe

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    After a week in the library, innumerable cups of coffee, and a near nervous breakdown in the reference section, you finally wrote the term paper. But what about the bibliography? Try RefME. Scan book barcodes or enter URLs and this website and app will generate your bib in seconds.

  • DaisyDisk

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    To get real work done, you need to make sure your most essential tool is in good shape. Give your Mac the cleaning it needs with DaisyDisk, an app which analyzes your disk storage and lets you easily delete unwanted files so your computer can run more efficiently. Get a 30% discount on DaisyDisk here.

  • Tomato Timer

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    Birds flying by the window, your boss’s nervous foot tapping, pretty much everything on the Internet—the world is a distracting place. Tomato Timer is here to help. Using the proven “Pomodoro Technique,” it keeps you on track by breaking up your tasks into 25-minute blocks with breaks.


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    You know what comes along with reality? Group projects. If that brings up bad memories of unanswered emails and unproductive meetings, try This site and app lets you host video chats for up to eight people with just a link. Start a room, send others the link, and start chatting.