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Guide • January 20, 2016

8 Apps and Products for Skiers and Snowboarders

Ski and snowboard with these 8 apps and products.
  • 1. ZRankings

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    First problem: There are a lot of mountains out there. How to choose just one? ZRankings has a list of the best ski resorts in the US and Canada, so you can make an educated decision. Compare resorts on a variety of factors, including average snowfall and vertical drop, and browse photos and other details before you head out.

  • 2. Physiclo

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    If you’re planning on screaming down a double black diamond while carving up moguls and dodging trees, you better be in shape. For that, grab a pair of Physiclo shorts or leggings, which are designed to add resistance and make your training workouts even more productive. Netted readers get 25% off Physiclo athletic wear with code NETTED.

  • 3. Liftopia

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    Probably the biggest drag when skiing or snowboarding (besides rain) is shelling out for lift tickets. That’s where Liftopia comes in: It’ll help you find the best deals on tickets at resorts around the world. And you know what that means: More cash for hot chocolate and pizza at the lodge. Mmmm.

  • 4. OnTheSnow

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    Skiers and snowboarders are at the mercy of the elements, and nothing ruins a ski trip like a slushy mountain. Make sure you have the latest snow forecasts with OnTheSnow, which gives you hour-by-hour snow reports and detailed info on conditions at your favorite resorts.

  • 5. GetOutfitted

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    Yeah, you’d like your own skis, but you barely have enough room in your apartment for a kitchen table. Not a problem—get everything you need delivered with GetOutfitted. From skis to jackets, GetOutfitted will have you decked out in name-brand labels for a fraction of the price. Netted readers get 15% off an order (excluding skis and snowboards) with code netted15 (Code expired!).

  • 6. Lines

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    After all this preparation, you finally arrive on the mountain. Boo. Yah. Make sure you capture every single moment of powder-fueled bliss with Lines, an iOS app that collects all sorts of data on your day, from your max speed to your jumps, and lets you earn points to compete against other skiers and riders.

  • 7. Trace

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    Looking for even more analytics on your shredding? Slap a Trace on your ski or board to track your speed, vertical, jump distance and height, calories burned, and more. And if you brought your GoPro, Trace will sync with it to automatically edit your footage for a perfect highlight reel.

  • 8. Alto's Adventure

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    But alas, all good days on the mountain must come to an end. To fill the time in between ski trips, get Alto’s Adventure, a beautifully designed snowboarding game that will keep you inspired until you hit the slopes again. (And while you’re at it, check out these other 6 great games for even more entertainment.)