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Guide • March 28, 2016

11 Apps and Services for Spring Cleaning

Tidy up with these 11 apps and services for spring cleaning
  • Key Ring

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    Loyalty is everything. Your dog knows that, and so do retailers, big and small. Stop carrying around a wallet full of loyalty cards and instead download Key Ring, an app that saves and organizes all your cards in one place. Simply present the barcode at checkout and you’re good to go. Save even more money with the app’s constantly refreshing coupon feature.

  • letgo

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    Boy, you sure have a lot of stuff. Before you go on a cleaning rampage and throw half your closet down the garbage chute (actually, let’s agree as responsible humans to never do that), snap a photo, name your price, and sell your stuff on letgo. It’s a website and app for iOS and Android that makes buying and selling between people easy, and lets you clean house and pocket a few bucks in return.

  • Homee

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    Sometimes, spring cleaning actually looks like spring redecorating. Instead of just copying whatever your friend Karen did to her apartment (uh, Karen is the coolest), chat directly with a designer for free with Homee. Upload photos of your space, your thoughts on look and feel, and a designer will redesign and send mockups with new furniture and decor. Purchase in-app at the best price points.

  • Kifi

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    Spring cleaning doesn’t always mean tidying up your home. Keep up a productive and efficient work life with Kifi, a tool for collecting, organizing, and sharing knowledge at the office. Collaborate with teammates by building libraries of saved notes, tags, and web pages. It’s available for Chrome, Firefox, iPhone, and Android, and integrates with tons of tools like Slack and Evernote.

  • Taco

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    Multitasking is cool but you know what’s even cooler? Getting stuff done. Use Taco to see all of your existing tasks and to-dos in one place. It integrates with more than 40 services like Gmail, Trello, and Asana and lets you see everything that’s on your plate in one view.

  • Documents 5

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    Sometimes files are like pickle jars: They just won’t open. Get Documents 5 to view any type of document on iOS devices and seamlessly organize and manage files from cloud services like Dropbox, iCloud, and more. Books, movies, legal docs, you name it. Read, manage, and save your files with ease.

  • ES File Explorer

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    Raise your hand if, at the end of your life, you don’t want to learn the sum total amount of time you wasted searching for files. Great. Now use those hands to get ES File Explorer for Android, a super-powerful all-in-one file management system that syncs with every cloud platform imaginable and lets you manage all your documents and media in one spot, regardless of where they’re located.

  • Magnet

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    Does everything at your desk sit at a perfect right angle? Do your friends openly refer to you as “anal-retentive”? Check out Magnet, a window manager for Mac that cleans up your screen by “snapping” windows into organized tiles. Drag windows into your customized configuration or use keyboard shortcuts to send windows to a tile of your choosing.

  • Cleanup Duplicate Contacts

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    What can you say, you’re a social butterfly and you’ve got a lot of contacts. But why do you have three contacts for Billy Elliot? Clean up your address book with the aptly named Cleanup Duplicate Contacts app for iOS. Back up, remove, and merge contacts with ease. Integrate with iCloud and gmail and scan thousands of contacts in seconds.

  • Gone

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    You’ve finally decided to purge your apartment. But, selling your unwanted stuff can take a hot second. Instead of Craigslist, try selling with Gone for iOS. Simply snap a photo, Gone will give you an offer on the spot and send you free shipping supplies. And if you’re in San Francisco, Seattle, or Austin they’ll send a courier to swing by and grab your stuff. Easy peasy.

  • OurHome

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    Getting your home in order can be easier with a few little helpers, i.e. children (but usually more difficult). Organize and incentivize your family chores with OurHome. Parents can assign tasks, and set schedules and rewards for completion. Use the smart grocery list function to let anyone add needed groceries, and like or comment on household activity. Ah, so that’s what kids are for.

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