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Guide • September 18, 2014

Best Products & Apps for Fall 2014

8 products & apps to kick off our favorite season
  • WeMo CrockPot

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    As they say, slow and Internet-enabled wins the race (OK, no one says that). With this Wi-Fi-enabled slow cooker, you can control your meal’s time and temperature from your phone using the WeMo app for iOS and Android. It’ll make all your fall dishes smart, slow, and scrumptious.

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  • Virtual Keyboard

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    All the kids heading back to school will have new gadgets to show off. But we bet they won’t have this Bluetooth-enabled device that projects a laser-generated keyboard onto any flat, opaque surface. It’s your chance to be voted Most Likely to Take Notes on an Awesome Futuristic Keyboard.

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  • Farmstand

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    Apples. Squash. Mushrooms. Fall is an amazing time for food. Find the freshest produce at farmers’ markets near you, plus get photos, directions, and hours of operation, right on your iPhone or mobile browser.

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  • Grayl

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    We hope you get to go on a hike this fall. If you do, we also hope you’ll stay hydrated with this water bottle that doubles as a portable filter. With one push it gets rid of 99 percent of bacteria and more in your H2O in just 15 seconds.

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  • Get Moving

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    Everyone associates fitness with summer, but it’s important to stay active year round. This iOS app nudges you to get up when you’ve been sitting too long. It also keeps track of your steps, distance traveled, and locations where you’re most inactive to help you improve and stay motivated.

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  • LCD eWriter

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    Are you the kid who takes endless notes, just to copy them into study guides later? Skip a step with this tablet that transcribes your notes from your handwriting to Evernote, email, and more.

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  • Classy

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    Students: Don’t go broke buying textbooks. Instead, check out this peer-to-peer marketplace app for iOS that lets you easily buy and sell used books (and other items) on campus.

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  • Perfect Pancake

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    Autumnal apple pancakes are so delicious, you shouldn’t have to wait a second longer to chomp ‘em down. Make four pancakes simultaneously with this skillet that serves as a flapjack factory.

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