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Guide • June 9, 2016

11 Great Gifts for Father's Day

These 11 picks will make perfect gifts for Dad
  • Activité Steel

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    Maybe your dad is a little old school, a little new school. Pick up the Activité Steel, a beautiful and modern wrist watch that doubles as an activity tracker and sleep monitor. It’s water resistant, automatically syncs with your smartphone, and the battery last up to eight months (EIGHT MONTHS!).

  • The Grommet

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    Looking for a Father’s Day gift that tells Dad how awesome he is? The Grommet has you covered. With six collections devoted to six personality-types (from tech-savvy dads to DIY dads to chef dads, and more), The Grommet has a unique gift that’s guaranteed to make him feel like the rad dad he is.

  • Hintsy

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    Does your appreciation of the finer things in life come from Dad? Send a classy gift box with Hintsy, gift wrap and custom card included. Choose a curated box or pick out your own items (think: money clips, fancy chocolates…). Whoa, who’s that guy? George Clooney? No, it’s just your dad, Bill. Don’t be weird. Netted readers get $15 off a Hintsy order with code FATHERS15.

  • Flic

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    Is your father a fan of gadgets? Has he “geeked-out” your home? Grab him a Flic (or two!), a bluetooth button (with companion iOS and Android apps) he can program to do just about anything. He can use it to toggle to the next song on Spotify or Sonos, dim the lights, or sync up with IFTTT to really open up the possibilities.

  • Glitty

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    Your dad’s laptop should be an extension of him, which means it should be nice smelling, classy, and easy on the eyes. In that case, a Glitty MacBook cover is just the accessory he needs: These sleek stick-on covers are made from real wood and come in three finishes that will definitely turn heads at the coffee shop. Plus, Netted readers get 15% off with code netted.

  • Wilson X

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    So Dad’s no Michael Jordan. You were in diapers the last time he drained a three-pointer, and his hook shot needs a little (a lot) of work. But that’s why the Wilson X connected basketball is perfect for him. It’ll track his shots and accuracy, lead him through drills, and even replicate crowd noise, so when he does make that three, it’ll feel extra glorious.

  • Pryme by Vessyl

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    This Father’s Day, why not give the gift of proper hydration? OK, hear us out: Drinking water is important, and the Pryme Vessyl makes it easier and way cooler to do. It’s a smart cup that tracks your water intake throughout the day and monitors hydration based on a variety of factors, like activity, age, weight, and more. It’s the best glass of water Dad will ever sip. Netted readers get $10 off with code NETTED (Offer expired!).

  • Instapainting

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    Original, commissioned artwork typically isn’t affordable. Or is it? Visit Instapainting to have a professional artist paint an original work from a photo of your choosing. Starting at just $49, Dad could have a landscape of that trip to The Grand Canyon framed and on his wall in a week or two.

  • MTailor

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    Think for a second: What does Dad do at least five days a week? Wear a shirt! Add something nice to his closet with gift certificate for a custom-made shirt from MTailor. He shoots a 30 second video with his phone, and then this service takes his measurements and crafts a shirt to his body and style preferences. Try making that happen at the mall.

  • Arccos

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    Dad’s always coming home from the golf course bragging about some 400-yard drive, and by now you’ve learned to just nod and agree with him. Not anymore. Get him an Arccos driver kit, and it’ll track his shots with an app and let him compare shots with others. That means he’ll have someone else to brag to, which is kind of like giving a gift to yourself, too.

  • Crafted Taste

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    Your dad orders every drink “shaken, not stirred” in that two-bit, Sean Connery voice he does. Eye roll. Send him a box or sign him up for Cocktail of the Month club from Crafted Taste. Each box includes recipes, accessories, and full-size bottles. Encourage Dad to make drinks for himself, at home.

  • Picture-Perfect Gift Guide

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    Is Dad the family photographer? Then you’re sure to find something he’ll love in our Picture-Perfect Gift Guide.