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Guide • August 6, 2015

Get All the News You Need from The Economist

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    If you’re heading back to school this fall, add The Economist to your list of required texts. With special resources for students, The Economist will ensure you stay ahead of the curve, excel in your classes, and become the envy of the other brains on campus.

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    You never want to be “that person” who is behind on the crucial news of the day. Subscribe to The Economist and not only will you always be in the know, you’ll have access to in-depth reporting and journalism you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Economist Events

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    Economist readers are some of the world’s brightest minds. Hear from them live in person at The Economist Events happening globally, covering topics from health care reform, to higher education, and beyond.

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    You’ll also get early releases of every issue on yourEconomist app (iOS, Android, Windows 8, Chrome, Blackberry, and Kindle Fire), The World in 2016special issue, and The Economist Espresso app, which puts a morning briefing in your inbox.