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Guide • August 10, 2015

Get Delicious Protein Powder Delivered Monthly

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  • Real Whole Foods

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    Big things do come in small packages. Comprised entirely of natural whole foods, each protein pouch from ALOHA is made up of 18g of plant-based protein and 200mg Omega-3s. All that and delicious flavors, too.

  • Vanilla Protein

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    What sounds better for you: artificial vanilla flavoring, or a sweet blend of wild-harvested vanilla beans? The latter is what you get with ALOHA. It’s all the deliciousness of a vanilla shake made from the best stuff for your body.

  • Chocolate Protein

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    More of a chocolate lover? You’re in luck. ALOHA’s protein powder comes in chocolate, too, made from fair-trade organic cacao beans. It’ll quench your hunger and your choco-craving while filling you with essential nutrients.

  • Great on the Go

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    What’s more, ALOHA Protein is great on the go. Drop a pouch in your smoothie, mix it with water, or add milk for a full meal. Delicious, healthy, and convenient? Bye bye, bean burrito.