Holiday Gift Guide 2012 - Netted
Guide • November 21, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide 2012

11 handpicked gifts for better holidays
  • Meshu

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    Enter important locations – places you’ve travelled together, favorite date spots, etc. – and Meshu will plot the points on a map and turn the resulting zigzags into a necklace, cufflinks, or earrings. For holiday delivery, bamboo must be ordered by Dec. 7; acrylic by Nov. 30.

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  • Little Printer

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    This inkless, wireless cube prints ticker tape with snippets of information – news briefs from The Guardian, the day’s itinerary from Netted-favorite Sunrise, chore lists from Google Tasks – on a predetermined schedule. Also, origami.

  • The Sketchbook Project

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    Order a sketchbook. Give to the artsiest person you know. Let them fill it with whatever they want. Mail it back, and this Brooklyn-based outfit will house it in their functioning library (forever) and take it on tour across the country.

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  • Stickygram and Foldables

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    Need some good low-priced gifts? StickyGram turns your Instagrams into fridge-worthy magnets, while Foldable.Me makes cute cardboard doppelgängers.

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  • Soundfreaq Sound Rise

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    Built by the award-winning audiophiles at Soundfreaq, this alarm clock/Bluetooth stereo/phone charger is a night stand-sized entertainment system. Sync it with your tablet to make bedtime movie watching a blockbuster event.

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  • Ribbon

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    Plug your headphones into this tiny device – about the size of a lighter – then pair it to your phone via Bluetooth. Bingo: You can now stream music to your headphones. (Hint: It also works with your home stereo.)

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  • The Bouqs

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    This newcomer to the online flower delivery game offers a refreshing take on buds: 40 choices, each $40 with free shipping. Sift through the minimalist inventory by color, type, or sentiment, or opt for one of the thoughtful subscription services.

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  • Fandeavor

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    Some people love sports. Other people love sports a little too much. For the latter, this startup offers exclusive (and pricey) VIP game-day experiences like sideline access at an NFL game or luxury box seats during March Madness.

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  • Sifteo

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    The game system consists of small cubes with touch screens and tilt sensors. The cubes wirelessly “talk” to each other, so when you tap them, tip them, and slide them next to each other, magical things happen.

  • Boxee

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    In addition to giving you access to Netflix and other streaming sites right on your TV, this slim box lets you watch broadcast cable in HD (for free), record shows, then stream those recordings to your other devices.

  • Craft Coffee

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    Each month, the company blindly evaluates 50 small-batch roasts. The three best are ground to your specifications, lovingly packed in airtight satchels along with tasting notes and brew tips, and shipped to your door. Last minute gift: solved.

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