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Guide • January 25, 2016

Home Improvement Guide

Update your home with these 8 apps, products, and services
  • 1. Awair

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    Just breathe. Easier said than done, Faith Hill. Try placing Awair in your space to track and improve air quality and receive actionable recommendations for improving your score. Netted readers get $15 off purchase at checkout with code NettedGuide (Code expired!).

  • 2. Framebridge

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    Bare walls are a drag. But so is buying frames to hang on them. Not so with Framebridge. With prices starting at just $39, this custom-framing site is easy on you and your wallet. Pick your frame, upload or mail in your art, and Framebridge designers do the rest. Get 15% off your first order with code NETTED (Code expired!).

  • 3. Smith

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    You may look like Ty Pennington but chances are you don’t have his handiwork skills. Instead of replacing that plumbing on your own, use Smith to find the best contractors in your area. Enter your project and receive timely and competitive quotes for just about any sized job.

  • 4. Color Grab

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    Chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin, roses or lillies, AOL or MSN. Decision making is tough and deciding on the right paint or fabric colors for your next project is no exception. Color Grab uses your phone’s camera to capture and analyze colors in your everyday life. Find inspiration when the mood strikes!

  • 5. BrightNest

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    Let’s all avoid appearing on next season of Hoarding: Buried Alive. Agreed? Keep your home in shape with BrightNest, an app that keeps tabs on your home improvement goals, provides instructions for DIY projects, and gives you access to 1000s of articles on any project you may want to conquer.

  • 6. Leeo

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    Sometimes the smartest solution is a simple fix. Turn your conventional smoke and carbon monoxide alarms into smart devices with Leeo Smart Alert. The unobtrusive device monitors existing alarms and alerts you via push notifications and phone calls when alarms sound. Leeo is available to Netted readers for $45 (usually $99!) with free shipping through 2/1/16 with code NETTED (Code expired!).

  • 7. Roomhints

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    Some of us have 20/20 vision, others require trifocals, and some of us just have an eye for design. Roomhints VIP app offers you direct access to interior designers who will help shape and curate your space. Netted readers get 50% off with code netted (Code expired!).

  • 8. Smarter Product Finder

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    Sometimes you see something and you’re just like I. MUST. HAVE. Well, Smarter Product Finder is your solution. Take a photo of anything and everything, and a team of experts will review and send you a response within 24 hours detailing the product and where to buy.

  • 9. Connected Home Guide

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    After all that home improvement, you’re either totally exhausted or ready for even more ways to make your space more livable. If you fall into the latter category, check out these 9 connected products to see how you can control everything from air vents to the doorbell from your phone.