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Guide • April 10, 2019

Load Your Queue with these Webby-recognized Podcasts

These Webby-recognized podcasts are perfect for your day-to-day
  • With Your Morning Coffee

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    Tired of public radio kicking off your day? We get it. Tap into the People’s Voice Winner for News & Politics, Mueller, She Wrote (pictured) for the same feel, but with a bit more analysis. We also love Adventures in New America, a great sci-fi, political satire show.


  • While You Meal-Prep

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    Cooking for the week is often routine at best; and at worst, painstaking. Peel potatoes while listening to Questlove Supreme (pictured) interview Lenny Kravitz. Alt: The Habitat, a show about six volunteers living on a fake planet, is also amazing while you chop.


  • For Long Plane Rides

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    Serialized podcasts are perfect for long trips. We recommend diving into People’s Voice Winner for Best Miniseries Believed (pictured), a show that tackles the sexual assault charges against USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar. We also dig Dissect: serialized music analysis of popular albums.


  • For Kicking Back

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    Podcasts are like a great friend: There to help us relax, manage anxiety, etc. Listen to Nominee Simplify (pictured), for expert advice to improve everything from your habits to happiness. And try Other Men Need Help for short, insightful storytelling with life lessons in every episode.