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Guide • April 25, 2014

8 Gadgets and Apps to Make Mom's Life Better

High-tech gifts for Mother's Day
  • Prep Pad

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    There’s nothing like a home-cooked meal, right? Particularly if it was prepared on this iPad-enabled smart scale that displays and visualizes the nutritional value of food as you’re making it. Mom will love this high-tech way to make meals that are homey, hearty, and healthy.

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  • Artifact Uprising Wood Calendar

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    Picture this: You present Mom with a calendar, each month bearing a heartfelt photo culled from Instagram or your personal gallery, all clasped together in a beautiful wooden clipboard handcrafted from reclaimed pine in Colorado. It’ll leave your brother’s gift card in the dust.

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  • Soma

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    This water purifier uses filters from biodegradable materials like coconut shells and drains into a glass carafe to help Mom get her eight cups a day. New filters ship every 60 days to keep her H20 supply fresh.

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  • Rocki

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    From the Marvin Gaye songs on her laptop to the Donna Summer album on her iPhone, Ma’s favorite tunes are everywhere. That’s why she needs ROCKI, a device that lets her play all of her music on any sound system, straight from her phone.

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  • Withings Smart Baby Monitor

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    It’s normal for new moms to want to check on their babies every five seconds. But all that stair climbing is exhausting. This smart monitor lets her peek in, as well as coo, turn on a light, play lullabies, and monitor the temperature, right from her smartphone.

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  • Cups

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    You always knew Mom had too much caffeine when she’d pull into your school’s parking lot at 85 MPH to pick you up. Help her get her fix for less with this iOS and Android app that offers a month of unlimited coffee from independent cafes.

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  • HAPIfork

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    Atkins came and went. Soulcycle depleted her budget. The NordicTrak quickly became a laundry rack. Enough is enough: Help Ma stay healthy with this connected fork that monitors eating habits and shows how to get full on less food.

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  • Minted Limited Edition Prints

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    A site of beautiful wall prints – but what’s the Mom’s Day hook? Sales from this online art emporium benefit Christy Turlington’s “Every Mother Counts” charity. Plus, you’ll get 10% off with promo code MOMDAY14. You’ll be hooked in no time.

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