Pet Guide 2014 - Netted
Guide • February 21, 2014

Pet Guide 2014

9 apps, sites, and products to keep your pet happy
  • Dropcam Pet Monitor

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    You can just tell on your pet’s face when you get home: some mischief was had. Install this home pet monitor, however, and you’ll get the real dirt on how the kids play when the parents are away. You may be surprised at the hijinks that went down.

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  • AquaFarm

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    “Don’t get me wrong,” your coldhearted friend tells you. “I love animals. I just don’t have time to walk, feed, and emotionally support them.” Here’s your trump card: a self-cleaning fish tank that grows its own food, too.

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  • Tagg PetTracker

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    You could drive around your neighborhood deep into the night dangling snacks out the window, or you could skip a step when you equip your pet with this smart phone-enabled tracker that will lead you to it rooting through the dumpster behind the middle school.

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  • Wisdom Panel

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    All you know is that your dog is a mutt. Or rather, that’s all you knew – now, with this mail-order DNA test, you can determine Rufus’ distinguished lineage and finally figure out whether he’s 1/8th Game of Thrones direwolf or not. (Fingers crossed.)

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  • Cat Fishing

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    No, this has nothing to do with the Notre Dame football team. This is an iPad game that will hypnotize your cat by having it chase virtual fish around a pond. Helpful tip: We recommend for declawed cats only.

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  • PebbleSmart

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    Your dog doesn’t have a cell phone (though the way things are going, it probably won’t be long). When it wants to be let back into the house, however, it now has a doorbell of its own, that even has a built-in treats holder for reward-based training.

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  • BringFido

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    We know: You and your dog are a package deal. Instead of browbeating the hotel concierge to let Rufus board with you at the Ritz, consult this compendium of dog-friendly hotels and enjoy vacationing with your pup.

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  • Pet Recognition

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    You only left the backdoor open for a minute and – whoosh! – your fat little dachshund shot out into the night. Tap into the collective dog catching potential your community by uploading your pug’s mug to this lost animal recognition app.

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  • Swifto

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    Most of the time, taking the dog out for a walk is a welcome opportunity for some fresh air. But sometimes you kind of wish pup could take himself for a walk. Get it done with this NYC-focused dog-walking service and you can even track pooch’s progress.

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