Shrink Wrap-Up - Netted
Guide • August 9, 2012

Shrink Wrap-Up

A minature collection of four iPad apps
  • SlideWriter

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    The feature we’ve always wanted in an iPad: When composing in this app, swipe your finger along the bar above the keyboard and the cursor moves with you. Double-tap to select a word then drag either side to extend your selection.

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  • Paprika

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    As comprehensive a recipe organizer as you’re likely to find. Download recipes from over 190 different sites, scale serving sizes, plan meals, compile and print grocery lists, and tons more. The only thing it doesn’t do is the dishes.

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  • MagicReader

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    Open up a PDF in this app then stare at the screen. When the two blue stars at the top of the page light up, you’re ready to start flipping the pages – simply by turning your head to the left or the right.

  • Thirst

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    For those with overwhelming Twitter streams, this app distills the most popular topics being discussed by accounts you follow into a block layout sorted by category and popularity of subject matter.