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Guide • August 4, 2021

Staff Picks: Brandlive

The Brandlive team shares which apps keep them ahead of the curve.
  • Too Good To Go

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    Courtney Kai Dang
    Account Executive
    Favorite App/Service: Too Good To Go

    I am a huge fan of TooGoodToGo, an app that helps restaurants reduce food waste. Users can pay up to $5 for leftovers from the restaurants/bakeries. I like to get what I can daily and drop them off to my local food pantry.

  • Nurx

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    Kat Kauffman
    Marketing Operations Manager
    Favorite App/Service: Nurx

    It’s an app for people with uteruses to receive healthcare for an affordable price (even without insurance) and from the comfort of your own home. They can prescribe birth-control and have it sent directly to your house every 3 months. They also offer at home a lot of additional, accessible healthcare. I am a huge fan of the app and company because it makes birth control and healthcare much more accessible.

  • PictureThis

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    Thomas Iwasaki
    Favorite App/Service: PictureThis

    PictureThis is a fun way to experience a little AI magic. You can use the app to snap a picture of any plant and get back a very reliable identification as well as information on the specific plant species you’ve just identified. I’ve learned a lot about the plant life around my house and collected some cool ID’s while traveling.

  • Task Rabbit

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    Carrie Roso
    VP of Marketing
    Favorite App/Service: Task Rabbit 

    Task Rabbit is like having your own personal assistant. As a working mom, it is a lifesaver when you are trying to juggle a million things and you just need more of you to get them all done. It has helped me facilitate some great virtual experiences with a tangible personal experience – food, group projects, a fun surprise – during this past year with my remote teams because someone else is helping you get it all done.

  • Headspace

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    Amy Hochstetler 
    VP of People and Culture
    Favorite App/Service: Headspace 

    We all need a little headspace. In this day and age, we are so wrapped up in being human-doers and getting to the next thing on our checklist that we have lost focus on being humanBEINGs. Learning how to be present is a challenge in our world, and workplace, and Headspace helps to guide you in the art of mindfulness, leading to a happier and healthier you.

  • What The Font

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    Ian Taylor
    Director of Customer Success
    Favorite App/Service: What the Font

    I’m a bit of a font/typeface nerd so I love an app called What the Font. It lets you take a picture of just about anything and will identify the font(s) used.