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Guide • May 9, 2017

Staff Picks: GIPHY’s Favorite Apps and Web Services

In our new Staff Picks series, we're asking the staffs of Webby-nominated companies to give us their recs for the best apps and web services
  • See Saw

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    Alix McAlpine / @alixmcalpine
    Director, Content Strategy, GIPHY Studios
    Interests: men, wine, contemporary art
    Favorite App/Web tool: See Saw

    “Galleries in LA (like most everything else) are pretty spread out, and when I moved here I found myself really missing going from gallery to gallery on Saturday afternoons like I did back in New York. See Saw is super easy to use and the recommended shows are always on point. I love the map option so I can visualize which clusters of galleries I should head to in which order. It’s also simple to toggle to other cities I’m visiting to find out the must-see shows there, too.”

  • Authy

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    Mike Nolan / @__nolski__
    Full Stack Engineer, GIPHY
    Interests: motorcycles, computers, reading, beer
    Favorite App/Web tool: Authy

    “2-factor auth can be a pain in the butt sometimes. Which app do I use? Is it via text? How do I do the QR code thingy? Do I need my phone? Who knows. Authy makes it easy. It has an app on your phone that connects with an app on your computer. It even has a copy button because typing is for scrubs.”

  • VOX

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    Johanna Kenney
    Senior Product Designer, GIPHY
    Interests: dogs, NYC life, playing music
    Favorite App/Web tool: VOX

    “When I want a no frills, high quality way to listen to the music collection I put so many years and money into, I reach for VOX. No Apple upsells, no algorithm recommendations. Just me, my CD rips, and my college FLAC torrents walking down memory lane.”

  • Google Keep

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    Fiona Condon / @fioroco
    Search Engineer, GIPHY
    Interests: reading, eating & tweeting
    Favorite App/Web tool: Google Keep

    “Google Keep finally got me into the habit of writing down the ideas and interesting quotes and useful recommendations that I used to instantly forget. It seems silly, but the ability to choose the note color from a limited set does a lot for find-ability without overcomplicating the note-taking process. Plus the desktop web UI is awesome.”

  • StockX

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    Danny Chang / @thedannychang
    Technical Partnerships Manager, GIPHY
    Interests: music, (watching) mixed martial arts, graphic novels, sneakers, getting PAID
    Favorite App/Web tool: StockX

    “StockX not only tracks the trends in market value of virtually every sneaker that’s released, but it’s also a marketplace for sellers and buyers. It’s an incredibly helpful tool for sneaker collectors like me to get a good idea of a fair price before buying or selling them on the secondary market.”

  • DocuSign

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    Mike Bruno / @riskybusinessMB
    Associate Producer, GIPHY Studios
    Interests: music, reading, basketball
    Favorite App/Web tool: DocuSign

    “I don’t even know why I have so many things to sign, but I always immediately panic about how I can get it done as quickly and easily as possible. DocuSign has been a lifesaver. My friends are like, ‘we get it, you love DocuSign.'”

  • GIFGun

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    Jason Clarke / @bucketofbrains
    Animator & Producer, GIPHY
    Interests: animation, chilling, and hanging out
    Favorite App/Web tool: GIFGun

    “As a busy animator on the go, I was thrilled when I first learned about GIFGun. It makes it possible for me to export GIFs directly from After Effects, without having to run a Quicktime file through Photoshop. Now I have more time to work on my Grand Unified Theory.”

  • Google Photos

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    Eric Goldfarb
    Head of Recruiting, GIPHY
    Interests: card magic, GIFs, eating
    Favorite App/Web tool: Google Photos

    “Unlimited free storage of all my pics in one place? Yes please! The tool also allows you to create GIFs and videos of your photos and automatically arranges them by location and date.”