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Guide • June 9, 2014

Supercharge Your Summer with 9 Products

Hack your vacation with this useful gear
  • Aros Smart AC

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    Your old AC destroys your energy bill. Swap it out for this smart one that uses upward airflow for better circulation, and gathers data about your schedule and budget to keep your pad at the perfect temperature. You can even control it from your phone with apps for iOS and Android.

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  • Nova

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    Picture-perfect summer nights deserve better than your iPhone’s built-in flash. This wireless, credit-card sized flash (and accompanying app) uses 40 diffused warm and cool LEDs to take natural-looking low-light photos.

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  • Jauntaroo

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    Billed “your vacation matchmaker,” this site has vetted over 300 global destinations and helps you find the perfect one for your next trip based on things like weather, activities, geography, and budget.

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  • Rachio

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    Like Nest did for thermostats, this gadget does for your sprinkler system. The smart device hooks up to your home’s Wi-Fi to create a customized watering schedule based on your location (soil types vary by region) and current weather.

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  • LifeProof Case

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    Outdoor activities can be treacherous for phones. Summer-proof your iDevices or Samsung Galaxy with this tough-as-nails case: It keeps sand out of crevices, is waterproof up to 6 feet, and can withstand drops from over your head.

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  • Levin Solar Charger

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    Bring your technology to nature with this solar-powered, shock-and-rain-resistant external battery pack, ready to charge phones and tablets of all shapes and sizes. Plus, it’s got a flashlight built in and can charge two devices at once.

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  • SkyGuide and StarDroid

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    Constellations are gorgeous, aren’t they? Too bad you never know how to recognize them. Get to know your night sky with these apps (SkyGuide for iOS, StarDroid for Android) that identify constellations and planets using just your smartphone camera.

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  • Ivation Floating Speaker

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    Bringing electrical devices into water is inadvisable – unless you’re using this Bluetooth-enabled speaker, which works with Androids, iPhones, and other media players. With a 33-foot streaming range and blue mood lighting, this speaker will electrify your pool parties (and not in the bad way).

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  • Fujifilm Smartphone Printer

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    It’s one thing to take a great photo with your friends. It’s quite another to be able to print it on the fly. You can do exactly that with this Wi-Fi-enabled mobile printer and the associated instax SHARE app (iOS and Android) that lets you edit photos, add templates and text, and print instantly.

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