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Guide • April 20, 2016

Buy Differently with The Grommet

Shop undiscovered treasures by independent Makers on The Grommet
  • Made in the USA

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    Think of yourself as a shopper: What do you value? If it’s American-made goods, this collection of awesome, unique products made in the USA is for you. Support local businesses and get products you love. Now that’s patriotic spending.

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  • Sustainable Living

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    With Earth Day coming up, it’s an especially good time to shop The Grommet’s Sustainable Living collection. It’s full of inspiring products crafted from natural and eco-friendly materials, made by people who put the environment first. Your conscience and The Earth thank you for your purchase.

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  • Tech and Innovation

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    We all agree tech is amazing, yes? Well it gets a whole lot more amazing on The Grommet. This collection is home to some of the most inspiring innovations you’re not seeing anywhere else. (Warning: Shopping this collection is likely to induce strong geeking-out.)

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  • Best Sellers

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    The Grommet is all about helping promote the best of the best. So when something becomes a “best seller” on The Grommet, you know it’s special. Shop here for products The Grommet community has rallied behind. Your new favorite thing is a click away.

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  • Mother's Day

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    Moms are pretty incredible, and The Grommet agrees. That’s why they’ve rounded up the best “Mom, you are amazing” presents from their catalog. Shop here for a Mother’s Day gift suited to your kick-ass Mom’s personality. She deserves it.

    Shop the Mother’s Day catalog.