The Haunted Mouse - Netted
Guide • October 31, 2012

The Haunted Mouse

Four sites and apps for a good old-fashioned scare
  • Don't Haunt Me Bro

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    Want to know if your house is haunted? Enter your address and this site will map out all the ghostly deeds that have taken place there or nearby, including reported hauntings, killings, and even shipwrecks from yore.

  • House of Horrors

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    For the low price of $0.99 on most smart devices, this app gives you access to over 75 horror movies, from B-list slashers to classics like Night of the Living Dead and Svengali, starring John Barrymore (Drew’s grandfather, of course).

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  • ShadyURL

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    This long-time Netted favorite is the geekiest way to scare your friends. Take a perfectly innocent link, paste it in, and out comes a garbled URL that looks like it’s a click away from melting every motherboard it touches.

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  • Dead Trigger

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    Updated with Halloween-specific levels, this zombie shoot-’em-up for iPhone and Android is genuinely scary. And did we mention free? Just don’t forget to reload and OH MY GOD IT’S BEHIND YOU!