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Guide • January 22, 2014

Valentine's Day Guide 2014

9 sites and apps for any relationship status
  • Lovestagram

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    Here’s a V-Day gift you can’t compete with: Kaitlyn Trigger, girlfriend of Instagram founder Mike Krieger, learned to code and built this app that compiles the Instagram photos you’ve shared with a specific person into a virtual Valentine.

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  • Playlist Poetry

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    Let’s Get It On. Adore. Untitled (How Does it Feel?). For the most romantic tunes out there, you don’t even need the music to get in the mood. Spin some heart-winning poetry using only song titles with this brilliant Spotify app.

  • TouchRoom

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    This app is as schmaltzy (and oddly enjoyable) as it gets. Invite your distance-challenged beau to join you on the app. Track each other’s touch points on the screen, and when they overlap your phone vibrates and you feel the connection.

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  • RedStamp

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    If you’re like us, you want old school wooing mixed with new-tech wowing for this coming Valentine’s Day. Accomplish that by sending fun, silly, and loving cards via email, text, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or even paper mail right off your phone.

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  • Minibar

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    Here’s a smooth way to cap off a romantic evening: waltz out of the kitchen with a couple of cocktails you splashed together using this gorgeously-designed iPhone app. Or, you know, you could offer a glass of milk. We’re sure that’ll go over well.

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  • HowHeAsked

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    Maybe this is the Valentine’s Day where you finally propose to on the big screen at a hockey game. Let us stop you right there and direct you to this site for inspiration. It’s a compendium of the most creative, lovely, and hilarious ways folks have tied the knot.

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  • FindEatDrink

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    Given your druthers, your Valentine’s Day dinner and a movie plan might mean takeout and Netflix. Let pro reviewers, chefs, and restaurateurs show you the best places to get all lovey-dovey with this high-end food recommendation app.

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  • Reactr

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    Need a creative way to ask your crush out? Try this new app, which sends someone a photos and snaps a photo on their front-facing camera as they view it. We’re thinking a pic of a bouquet of flowers, or a handwritten note. Just don’t go all Carlos Danger with it.

  • DateNightIs

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    The fancy restaurant? You’ve been a hundred times. A movie about love? Tired. A private getaway weekend? Been done. Bust out of your old habits and find the most romantic plan for Valentine’s Day with this couples planning site.