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Guide • February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

Our guide for last-minute Valentines
  • Couple

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    There’s no substitute for physical contact, despite the best efforts of Emojis (god bless ‘em). With the Android and iPhone app Couple, however, you can get awful close. Send your better half your location, videos, drawings, photos, messages, lists, date invitations, even match your thumb up to the screen, E.T.-style, in real time.

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  • Name a Roach

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    Relationship on the rocks, but not sure how to break it off? Try naming a roach after your future ex. This sounds like a joke, but the Bronx Zoo is allowing regular folks like you to name one of its Madagascar hissing roaches (sounds lovely, doesn’t it?) with proceeds going to charity. You’ll be single in no time!

  • Crazy Blind Date

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    Being single has its benefits. Like having the freedom to use an app that will set you up with a complete stranger who just happens to be nearby. The free app for iPhone and Android uses OK Cupid’s matchmaking know-how, so there’s even a chance you’ll spend next Valentine’s Day with them. Maybe.

  • Everyone’s Mixtape

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    It’s one thing to get a handwritten note, but a mixtape? Now there’s an art form dying an undeserved death. Well, not if Everyone’s Mixtape has anything to say about it. Search for the songs of your choosing and the site packages them up in 60, 90, or 120 minute playlists to share with the belle or beaux of your choice.

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