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Article • November 4, 2009

Room Service

A Hotel Review Site That Helps You Avoid Noisy Rooms And Bad Views

Ever checked into a four-star hotel only to find that your room overlooks the clangy, industrial air conditioning units? If so you’re painfully aware that no two rooms are created equal, even those in the same price class.

With Tripkick you can rig the game in your favor.

The free service provides key room selection info on more than 450 domestic and international hotels, allowing you to compare rooms within a particular hotel based on noise level, view, location and, of course, bathroom quality.

While their current coverage list leaves out hotels in some key locales (the Caribbean is sorely missing, for instance), the depth of the intel they do provide is impressive.

Rightly so, given that the site’s founders personally research every hotel they catalogue.

For our money one of their better offerings are insidery tips on which rooms you don’t want. (Rooms ending in 13 at the W in Los Angeles, for example, are to be avoided on weekends because of noise from the bar).

No word on whether they plan to add a “proximity to ice machine” feature.