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Article • November 5, 2009

Wish You Were Here

Send Personalized Postcards from Anywhere on the Planet with Hazelmail

Say you just hauled yourself to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro (or the Eiffel Tower, for those of you more inclined to urban adventures).

Shouldn’t there be a way to brag to friends and family that’s more tangible than an emailed jpeg?

Enter Hazelmail, a simple web service that creates and then snail mails a standard-sized postcard from anyplace in the world, using any photo you upload. (If you have an iPhone you can use their free new app to do this from, say, the top of a mountain).

While the character-driven Hazelmail site feels dated and some of the card-design elements are hokey (skip the borders and framing elements), this is one instance where function trumps form.

Why? Because each card costs just $1.50 (no matter where you happen to send from), including printing fees and postage.

And Hazelmail handles all the mailing logistics.  After you add an address and short message, you’re done.

Now let the geographic one-upping begin.