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Article • November 9, 2009

Shop and Rent Designer Clothes and Accessories

Shop for designer duds without the financial guilt on Rent The Runway

A common fashion dilemma: You (or, if you’re a male not into cross dressing, your wife or girlfriend) simply must wear this season’s ruffle tiered Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress to an upcoming wedding.

But who wants to spend $625 on an item that has such limited use?

With Rent The Runway, a new invitation-only online service that rents designer dresses for 4-day stints, the same item can be had for $75. (Guys, this may not sound like it’s for you but keep reading; you’ll be a hero by forwarding this to the women in your life).

Of course, online fashion retail has some inherent limits. But Rent The Runway claims to have worked out the potential snags:

To ensure proper fit they provide a second size for free; all items are dry cleaned upon return; and they offer rush delivery, for those last minute galas. (We haven’t tested the service yet because it’s new, but with holiday season approaching we wanted our readers to be aware of it).

One other plus: Dresses are much harder to misplace than that DVD of Point Break.