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Article • November 16, 2009

Book a Taxi, Track Your Driver, and Pay Your Fare Online

Let the Internet grab you a cab with Curb

In most American cities hailing a cab is a nearly impossible task, especially after hours.

Curb solves this problem with an on-demand application that lets you book, track and pay for a cab, all from your iPhone or BlackBerry.  (Those with neither device can still use the service via text message).

When you open the app it presents a listing of local cab companies that are part of their system. Click on one, and you’re connected to that company’s dispatch system.

(Other online services provide phone numbers of local cabbies but this connects you directly and you don’t have to speak to anybody).

You type in your address and contact info, and then the magic happens (i.e. your ride is dispatched).

While wait times obviously vary by locale, the app keeps you informed via the status page, which tells you how far away the cab is and the driver’s name.  Add your credit card info and you can pay with a single click as well.

Just remember to take your phone (and credit card) when you exit the cab.