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Article • November 18, 2009

Easy Listening

The Simplest, Most Affordable Way To Buy (And Store) Music Online

The most frustrating aspect of buying music online is the inability to listen to a complete song or album before you purchase. (Even Nickelback is palatable in a 30 second snippet).

Lala.com is changing the game by allowing users to listen to any of the 8 million songs on the site for free, in their entirety, in an ad-free environment.

Granted, you can only listen once. But if you like the song you can buy a web version of it for a mere 10 cents.

It’s then saved in your personal library, accessible from any browser, including the one in your phone. Your music is on the “cloud” whenever you want to listen.

MP3 versions are available for an additional 79 cents (yes, that’s cheaper than those other guys who sell tunes). These are loaded straight into iTunes and, because they are DRM-free, can be played on any device you have.

Lala.com, one of the providing partners for the newly launched Google Music, has agreements with the four major record labels and more than 170,000 independent labels and distributors.

This means all the music is licensed (and legal). In other words, your days as a music pirate may be over.