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Article • November 19, 2009

Shop Right

Use Billeo And Never Type Your Password, Billing, Shipping Or Credit Card Information Again

Shopping and paying bills online is great, until you forget your password or have to re-type all your information for the 137th time.

A service called Billeo solves the problem, providing tools that deal with these (and other) annoying aspects of online transactions.

Billeo works through a browser plug-in that creates buttons for bill paying, shopping, managing passwords and filling out forms, all of which work with one click. (This info is stored on your computer, not their site).

It may sound a little dry but you’ll thank us once the holiday shopping mayhem begins.

Because Billeo resides in your browser it “travels” with you when you shop or pay bills. Once a transaction is completed it automatically archives a record (no more searching your inbox for confirmation emails).

It can also save you money: Their newest tool autofills a discount code at checkout, if one is available for a particular item.

Billeo even creates graphical reports that track your spending habits and payment methods.

Whether you want a four-color pie chart of all the shopping you’ve done is another story.