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Article • November 20, 2009

Order Food Online for Delivery from Any Restaurant Near You

Seamless makes ordering delivery, well, seamless

In an ideal world we’d all eat lavish home-cooked meals three times a day.  But reality sometimes intercedes, forcing one to go the takeout route.

For these mealtime needs try Seamless, an online delivery service that gives you web access to all your favorite neighborhood restaurants, and many you probably weren’t aware would deliver to you.

The service, currently available in 15 cities (including New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles), makes ordering and paying for food a one-click transaction.

Okay, maybe it’s more like three, but you get the point:  It’s simple, convenient and as close to magical as anything we use on a daily basis.

When you enter your address the system pulls up the hundreds of restaurants that deliver in your area.  Choose the one you want and you’re taken to their menu (many of which aren’t otherwise online). Click on the items you want, confirm your order, add your tip, and you’re done.

You get a confirm email and, a half hour or so later, your actual meal.

Use it next time you want to order from that great place that doesn’t have a website, or whenever you simply don’t feel like dealing with other people in order to feed yourself.