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Article • November 23, 2009

Find the Cheapest Gas Near You

Score the best deals on gas with GasBuddy

Planning to hit the open road for the holiday?  Unless you drive a battery-powered Tesla you’ll probably have to buy gas a few times.

To avoid being gouged at the pump try, a free service that provides real-time information on the lowest gas prices in your local area.

The site is easy enough to use—Just type in the zip code of a locale where you’ll be driving and the grade of gas you want (regular, mid-grade, premium or diesel), and it lists prices and addresses of low priced gas stations (along with a mapping function), starting with the cheapest.

The site relies on user input to gather pricing information, and as such it serves as an example of the utility that can come from the communal, crowd-sourced nature of the Internet.

That, and users who post pricing information are rewarded with points.  Earn enough points and they’ll send you a $250 gas card.

And if you need a quick dose of relative happiness check out their historical charts and just be glad it’s not July of 2008.