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Article • November 24, 2009

Scan Any Item and Check If It's On Sale Online or In Store

ShopSavvy lets you price check everything (as long as it has a bar code)

Chances are you’re going to do some offline shopping this holiday season. (If you’re planning to venture out on Black Friday we recommend hockey pads).

To ensure that you pay the lowest possible prices possible try a free iPhone, Android, and Windows app called ShopSavvy.

The app puts the power of a barcode scanner in your pocket, providing instant access to pricing and inventory information at scores of retailers that carry whatever product you’re looking for.

To use it you point your phone’s camera eye at a product’s barcode and it’s read by a red laser-like scanner that appears on the screen of your phone.

A few seconds later you’ll get a listing of both web and local offline retailers that sell the particular product, their prices and even product reviews.

See the same item for less money at a store nearby? You can call the store with one click to ensure they have the item, then tap “get directions” to map the locale.

While holding the phone steady enough to get a proper scan takes a bit of effort, the product worked well during a weekend of thorough testing.

There’s also a handy “wish list” feature, which allows you to send a listing of all the shiny, new items you scanned to friends and loved ones, just in case they need a holiday hint.