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Article • December 1, 2009

Let The Music Play

A Service That Digitizes Your CDs For As Little As 99 Cents Per Album

You know that box of college-era compact discs that’s been sitting in a closet for a decade because you couldn’t muster the energy to digitize them?

It’s time to rediscover your musical past with RipDigital, a service that will convert your CD collection into a digital library for as little as 99 cents per disc.

(Audiophiles can pay $1.29 for premium quality files or $1.99 for high fidelity Lossless files).

They send you a box with pre-paid shipping, you add your CDs and then their robots do all the ripping work.  What would take you many boring months is done in less than a week.

You choose the way you want your digitized music to be delivered back to you—data DVDs, an MP3 player or a hard drive. (And, yes, they do return your CDs).

Whichever method you select your library will be organized by artist, album, and genre.

In other words your Huey Lewis and The News collection will finally be in alphabetical order.